Heart Rate Monitoring

Fit Method uses heart monitoring to help you get an understanding of where your fitness level is at, and how you’re doing in progressing toward your goals.
In real-time you can see the heart rate zone you’re in and know if you need to push yourself a little harder, or scale it back.

Members who sign up for one of our 12-month memberships receive a free AccuroFit heart monitor ($79 value), a device you wear on your chest that tracks your heart rate. When you take a class, you’ll see your heart rate and every other participant’s on a dynamic display at the front of class. It’s a fun way to feel energized, and allows trainers to give you one-on-one support during class.

The heart rate monitor connects with the AccuroFit app, and you’ll receive a summary of your heart rate and calories burned at the end of every class.

AccuroFit App
Download the AccuroFit app to set goals, view your workout history and more.

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