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Core Classes

Fit Method offers 5 core high-intensity training classes, as well as specialty classes on an ongoing basis.

Fit Method Soul Spin

Length: 45 minutes
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Great for: Legs, arms, core and conditioning

This awesome cycling class brings together weights and cardio—all while on a bike. You’ll burn calories and tone your legs, arms and core while sweating to a mix of music for your mind and body. You’ll also be able to track your heart rate and calories burned through the heart rate monitoring system, AccuroFit. It’s about taking you to a whole new level of training.

TRX® Express

Length: 30 minutes
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Great for: Core, arms, legs and functional improvement

The perfect class for when you need a quick but highly effective workout! Our express 30-minute high-intensity interval training class is set to specific tempos of the music to tone certain muscle groups for better results. You’ll use your body weight on the TRX® combined with Bosu balls, dumbbells, bands and slam balls to improve your balance, core stability and overall strength.

Group HIIT

Length: 45 minutes
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Great for: Fat loss, muscle building, arms and lower body conditioning, endurance

This fun and motivating circuit training class uses a combination of TRX®, slam balls, Bosu balls, bands, dumbbells and body bars to target your whole body—with an emphasis on core conditioning. Get ready to burn calories, strengthen up and burn body fat. By the end of the class, you’ll feel energized and powerful.

Cardio Kickboxing

Length: 45 minutes
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Great for: Toning legs and arms, cardio training, fat loss, weight loss

This high-cardio, high-intensity class is sure to blast away the fat while toning your legs and arms. Fun and up-tempo music keeps the energy high while you work on kicking and punching, plus high-intensity interval training and functional exercises.

Specialty Classes

In addition to our core classes, we offer specialty classes designed by our trainers so there’s always something new to keep your workouts exciting.

Seal Team Fit

Length: 45 minutes
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Great for: Weight loss, endurance, cardio, advanced athletes

The ultimate way to burn fat and lost weight! This class is perfect if you’re looking for something to push you to the next level. It’s an incredible seal-team inspired training that challenges you on all levels. But don’t be afraid of this class, you’ll work on increasing your endurance and cardio based on your own personal strength.